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The rumor-mill is in overdrive. Everyone you talk to says something different, and everyone has an “inside source”.

Smart phone and Apple enthusiasts seem to be tattling and tweeting news by the millions about the release for the vastly anticipated….wait for it….iPhone 6.

Like Gossip Girl on steroids (which paints a delightfully silly image), we’re all on pins and needles for the truth of our beloved new toy’s unveiling.

But there is one thing we know for sure: pursecase HQ is selling iPhone 4 accessories like the fire-sale you’ve always dreamed of!

It’s your lucky month. We’ve created an iPhone 4/4S accessory bundle of black, pink, and teal units, for just $25! (insert thrilled and shrill shriek here).

Don’t worry about the remaining colors being left out, check the site to grab your favorite color/colors in iPhone 4/4S for only $15 each. And tell us a 50% off price-tag doesn’t look really enticing for back-to-school this fall - we dare you.

Whether it’s your first semester at college or your first time dropping your kid off at kindergarten (the pursecase pocket is just as good for tissues to wipe away tears of joy as it is to hold your ID and credit cards) you couldn’t find a better time to be #stylinanddialin.



Team pursecase… & Gossip Girl

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