Mythbusters: White After Labor Day

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It's official. After pursecase staffers researched and debated nonstop over this past weekend, Co-Creators Kelley and Jenn have stepped in to compile the evidence and rule on their #stylinanddialin decree: There will be no WHITE-OUT after Labor Day! Here's a Top-5-Rundown of the myth-busting evidence, don't have to take our word for it - but you'll shine brighter if you do!
Super 'haute' Diane Kruger rocked this white-hot Balmain minidress in the height of winter. Totally approved. Just appropriately accessorize (hint: with your white and gold pursecase, perhaps?).
Allison McNamara of PopSugar couldn't be more exasperated about the sheer nonsense of the "tale as old as time" white-out theory shown hilariously in this video, "...the fact that this is even a question still surprises me - OF COURSE YOU CAN WEAR WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY! This rule should not be a rule!"
Let's be honest, ask your average etiquette expert how that rule came to be, and chances are that even she couldn't explain it. So why aren't we supposed to wear white after Labor Day? No, seriously - you tell us. Before clicking here for a few SEVERAL reasons in this history lesson...
Whatever Coco Chanel says - goes. Period. End of story. But seriously. She has spoken.
Clearly the greatest fashionistas in history have agreed to disagree, and one thing they have in common, is that the #1 rule of fashion is: Break the rules.We fully stand behind the etiquette that one can never have enough sparkles, glitter is in fact a color, and no matter what time of year it is, your white pursecase looks smashingly spectacular on you. 
That being said, in honor of most every other quintessential Labor Day Sale Spectacular being over and done with, ours is just beginning! Sweet, sweet, surprise!
From right now until Friday, September 5th when the clock strikes 9pm PST, all white pursecase iPhone 5/5S models are 20% off with the code: WHITEOUT
This is in addition to our already amazing blow-out sale on all iPhone 4/4S pursecase models for $15 each, AND your chance to buy a black, pink, and teal bundle of 3-pursecase iPhone 4/4S for only $25!
Hurry hurry all you back-to-school college cuties and shine-white-like-a-diamond for your first days back on campus this fall!
Team pursecase

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We're Selling Out

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The rumor-mill is in overdrive. Everyone you talk to says something different, and everyone has an “inside source”.

Smart phone and Apple enthusiasts seem to be tattling and tweeting news by the millions about the release for the vastly anticipated….wait for it….iPhone 6.

Like Gossip Girl on steroids (which paints a delightfully silly image), we’re all on pins and needles for the truth of our beloved new toy’s unveiling.

But there is one thing we know for sure: pursecase HQ is selling iPhone 4 accessories like the fire-sale you’ve always dreamed of!

It’s your lucky month. We’ve created an iPhone 4/4S accessory bundle of black, pink, and teal units, for just $25! (insert thrilled and shrill shriek here).

Don’t worry about the remaining colors being left out, check the site to grab your favorite color/colors in iPhone 4/4S for only $15 each. And tell us a 50% off price-tag doesn’t look really enticing for back-to-school this fall - we dare you.

Whether it’s your first semester at college or your first time dropping your kid off at kindergarten (the pursecase pocket is just as good for tissues to wipe away tears of joy as it is to hold your ID and credit cards) you couldn’t find a better time to be #stylinanddialin.



Team pursecase… & Gossip Girl

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LA Tech - Sweet Silicon Dreams

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Being headquartered in sunny and sublime downtown Santa Monica, we often have the opportunity to interact with with other budding startups in the growing We Are LA Tech community.

That being said, this community of entrepreneurs (as one would expect from a group of knowledge hungry execs) can never get enough of that schmoozing spirit, and we are often looking for the next happening to show up, speak up, and (let's be honest) show off. After all, this is LA Tech, and the next startup star is always just around the corner.

This past Thursday, a new kind of entrepreneurial event experience stepped up to bat, courtesy of Be Great Partners.

When one thinks techies, bootstraps, and binary code (oh my!) the first thing that comes to mind is never glitz or glamour. But when the pursecase team walked into historic landmark and event venue, Mark Sennett Studios where #TechLA Summer Jam was in full swing, we might as well have been waltzing onto set of one of the countless film, television, music, or fashion productions that preceded this Silicon extravaganza

We slipped into Stage 1 just in time for our Co-Founder, Kelley Coughlan to take the stage for The e-Commerce Economy in L.A panel along with Farbod Shoraka of BloomNationBryan Lalezarian of MeUndies, and Steffen Hoffman of DSTLD Jeans.

Moderated by Be Great Partners' Founding & Managing Partner, Lin Miao, the panelists started with the usual 'about me' and polite 'show and tell' that we're all used to after haunting so many industry events.

What could have ended with the usual drop of some trade power words (i.e. disrupt...pivot...yawn), hang-in-there-advice, and a few big thumbs up on the 'art of failure' - instead went a little further...

The overt confidence and accessible simplicity of each and every panelist's answers to Miao's questions left the audience all nodding at what seemed to be an overall renewed satisfaction and acceptance of power associated with quite simply: the marriage of a great product and a great person behind it from the start.


Were you there? Have a great quote or pic to share with us? Please email and we'd love to feature you and your content in an upcoming pursecase post! And check out some other awesome follow up features brought to you by fellow attendees and participants of #TechLA Summer Jam 2014: Curious Minds, Tech Candid, Kent Speakman.

If you WERE there you are probably dying to join the #stylinanddialin crew yourself, and we'd love to offer you a 15% discount on the full-price pursecase collection just for showing your support at the Summer Jam! Just use promo code: TECHLA at checkout at and thank you so much for supporting LA Tech!

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